Bonaprene Fluid Power design, manufacture and supply testing and control
equipment. Bonaprene Fluid Power also manages the sourcing and integration of all the necessary ancillary equipment & services including shipment to any place in the world. Bonaprene Fluid Power provides comprehensive installation and commissioning of all the equipment with all the necessary electronic and printed manuals.

After the equipment is installed Bonaprene Fluid Power offers a range of 
maintenance and calibration services. Usually this is planned through 
agreed contracts setting out the timing and details of the service to meet customer requirements.

The Bonaprene Fluid Power programmes of maintenance and calibration keeps the equipment and or systems operating at the same levels as the date of commissioning. The maintenance and calibration includes:

  • General maintenance or overhaul of hydraulic and pneumatic test rigs
  • Re-calibration of particle analysers and complex valve
  • Maintenance of electric and software elements
  • Laboratory fluid analysis
  • Contamination control of hydraulic & lubrication systems 
  • These systems include phosphate esters such as Skydrol and Hyjet
  • The provision of detailed service reports detailing works carried out 
  • Reports include findings & recommendations of any further work that may be necessary
  • The supply of spare propriety parts from Bonaprene Fluid Power’s extensive stocks

Bonaprene Fluid Power’s hydraulic, mechanical, electronic and software Calibration_Web
engineers operate on the customer’s premises anywhere in the world. They are 
backed up by Bonaprene Fluid Power’s comprehensive machine shops and remote ethernet connections to the equipment. Bonaprene Fluid Power's vast knowledge and range of supplier partners gives the customer the complete one stop shop.

Bonaprene Fluid Power offer overhaul, redesign and extension of testing systems both originally supplied by Bonaprene Fluid Power or by others. This can include everything from updating software through to extending services in the customer’s manufacturing facility.