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Bonaprene Fluid Power design and manufacture hydraulic flushing test beds
for a wide range of customer products. In this type of flush testing the 
product is of a form and size that it is most practical for the customer 
to bring the product on or within the testing equipment. A few examples 
of products Bonaprene Fluid Powers hydraulic pressure flushing test beds 
can flush are hydraulic pipes and hoses; manifolds, brake systems and 
sealing interfaces in industries such as mining, aerospace, earth moving 
equipment and automotive.

For the high pressure hydraulic flushing of welded pipe assemblies various 
pipe diameters, designs and lengths can be accommodated. The assemblies for 
testing are connected to the inlet and outlet distribution manifold via 
short flexible hoses and quick release couplings. Each manifold block can 
consist of 14 ports 7 on the front and 7 on the top. Test points are 
selectable via a solenoid valve in the inlet manifold block. A flow control 
orifice in each pipe leg ensures equal flows distribution

The oil reservoir underneath the hydraulic test bed are fitted with an oil 
level gauge, drain valve and two position oil level switch, electric motor 
/pump set, I count analyser, filters and associated control valves located 
adjacent to the reservoir. 

The hydraulic flushing test bed incorporates an electric motor driving a 
double gear / piston pump. The gear pump is used for fast filling of the 
pipes and the piston pump for the flushing test.

The manifold blocks are sized to accommodate various pipes with flow 
controlvalves on the inlet manifold to ensure even filling of the pipes. 
Filling and pressure testing take place simultaneously for all pipes. 

The test pressure is infinitely variable by means of an electrically 
operated proportional pressure relief valve and proportional amplifiercard, 
pneumatically purging and measured by means of a pressure transducer. 

PLC Control:

A PLC is housed within its own enclosure for the hydraulic flushing test bed 
and will incorporate an HMI touch screen that displays pressure reading, 
temperature,high/low oil level and particle readings. Two log options are 
available one for the user operator and one for an engineer / maintenance 
access screen. Both are password protected. The PLC stores all the data 
readings ready for downloading via an either net port to a PC and print out 
test results from the PLC.

On entering a part number relating to the pipe being flush tested the PLC 
sets the predetermined pressure required using proportional valves.

Pipe Flushing Rig:

Operating Parameters;

Maximum Pump Flow Rate = 100 LPM
Maximum Flushing Pressure = 30 bar
Pressure Filter = 3 Micron abs.
Return Filter = 3 Micron abs.
Contamination measurement = Parker I count analyser.

Pipe Flushing Test Rig:
Complete with the supply, assembly, painting and test of the following items:

  • Steel frame
  • 400-litre mild steel oil reservoir
  • Linear mounted rail.
  • Guide chain
  • Drain valve
  • Oil level gauge
  • Air breather
  • 2-position oil level switch
  • Drain filter.
  • 11 kW electric motor
  • Bell housing and coupling.
  • 100 LPM gear pump.
  • Pressure filter
  • Manifold blocks containing pressure and directional control valves
  • I Count Particle analyser
  • Return line filter.
  • Check valve.
  • Filter / regulator
  • Solenoid operated pneumatic isolation valve.
  • Inlet distribution manifold block with solenoid and flow control valves.
  • Outlet distribution manifold block
  • PLC Control Unit


  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Software development
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • Twelve months warranty
  • Manual and parts list on CD